Department News 

 April 2017
 The students of Mr. Jacobson's Sculpture & Ceramics class recently created an impromptu Art installation in the High School Art Gallery.  Students learned about installation artwork, and the meaning of conceptual art and how it affects a space it inhabits.  Students and teachers were also invited to an gallery opening on Monday, April 3rd, where students discussed their paper-made artwork created on-site during their class.  The artwork is only up for a short period of time in the Tim Sanchez Gallery, as the Art Department is preparing for its final shows of the 2016-17 school year.
Great work Sculpture & Ceramics students!

 March 2017
The following students have been selected to have their art showcased at the annual Nassau County ASA Art show: Sarah H., Sydney L., Mia C., Shaina S., Mayah S., Priyanka K. On March 12th, the impressive art work will be on display at Farmingdale State College, beginning at 12:00pm.
Their hard work and dedication is evident in their pieces and we are proud to have them represent our school.
 S MMS AC    2

 March 2017

Mrs. G's Studio students have been creating painting that represent the following statement: "My imagination is..."

Students were encouraged to utilize a number of mediums and materials to try to express their concept. These students are a constant source of inspiration to Mrs. G, and she is thrilled to see their work on display in the end of year Art 9 Show.

February 2017

The walls of Mattlin have been transformed! Mr. O'Neill and Mrs. G have been busy hanging work to showcase the talent's of their students. 

Walk through the library and check out repousse masks, head to C or D house to see some modern art influence by Georgia O'Keeffe or witness the wall of pattern and line created by Mr. O'Neill's 5th graders. 


January 2017
With the help of Ms. Goscinski, the Art students of MMS have been experimenting with 3D printing for a good cause.  A group of students researched the subject, and found an organization called "The Hand Challenge."  The organization finds students with access to a 3D printer in order to create prosthetic hands for children in need.  Through hard work and dedication, these students have not only seen the process through, but have been able to share thir story with the tri-state area!  
The media recently visited H.B. Mattlin to feature a story about the prosthetic hand that a group of eighth grade students developed in art class.  The link that follows is coverage by ABC News http://abc7ny.com/1697777/


May 20, 2016

Over the course of the year H.B. Mattlin Middle School students from grades 5-8 have met with Mrs. Goscinski to explore all things creative. The club decided that they wanted to develop a project that would allow all members to contribute their talents. Students also wanted to create a piece that would be here, at H.B. Mattlin Middle School, long after they have moved on to JFK High School. Their hope is to continue this tradition at the close of every school year.

Mrs. G would like to extend a very special thank you to all of the dedicated students that she has had the pleasure of working with and learning from this year. 

 Group artwork inspired by Keith Haring

 May 14, 2016
On Saturday, May 14th, the John F. Kennedy High School Chapter of the National Art Honor Society joined forces with the Half Hollow Hills, High School East Chapter, in a collaborative art installation at the Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington.  The purpose of this collaborative installation was to have students work together in creating a large scale group art project highlighting the many pieces found in this years Long Island's Best Art Exhibition.  The event drew a large crowd, and many students and families were able to not only view their own work, but browse the museum as well. A special thanks to the NAHS's adviser, Ms. Rosemarie Elder for founding the collaborative project. 
Congratulations to the National Art Honor Society here at POB, we thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Arts! 

May 2016
Stop by the Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School Art gallery to view the annual "College Decision Tree."  A special thanks to Rosemarie Elder for creating the tree this year.    

April 21, 2016

On April 21st, H.B. Mattlin hosted their 8th grade trip to the Nassau County Museum of Art. Students learned about the Pop Art movement by studying pieces by Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat (to name a few). Neon colors, graffiti writing and pop culture elements all made for a spectacular trip. A special thank you to the Nassau County Museum of Art for hosting us and creating such a wonderful, interactive tour.


April 19, 2016
On Tuesday, April 19th the National Art Honor Society held a “Paint Day” for the POB Senior Citizens Club.  Twelve senior citizen came to the high school and were taught step by step how to paint a beautiful scenic landscape with a purple flowered tree by the co-presidents of the NAHS.  It was enjoyed by both the senior citizens and our NAHS members who helped!


April 13, 2016
Mrs. Goscinski's Art Club is busy working on their Keith Haring inspired mural. Here, students work together to start to paint the mural. The final piece will represent all of the subjects that students enjoy here at H.B. Mattlin Middle School. Stay tuned for the final product!

Art Club meets most Wednesday mornings in room C6. All are welcome!


April 8, 2016

Mrs. G's Studio Art students take their creativity to a new level!

Here, 8th grader Evan Villacencio, was able to create a visual interpretation based on lyrics, tone and mood. Students were asked to analyze a song of their choice and were given total freedom to utilize any materials they saw fit. When you first look at the piece you immediately focus your attention to the 3 photographs in the foreground. Then viewers realize the images that are reflected in the mirror. Way to go Evan!


April 1, 2016

Mrs. Goscinski's Art 5 students are using their Google Chromebooks in art class!

5th grade students are working in groups to educate their peers on art vocabulary through visual examples, demonstrations, and through a custom designed art activity to assess if their peers have a strong understanding of the content.


March 22, 2016
The High School National Art Honor Society hosted their first annual "Paint Night" at JFK, as a fundraiser to support the Arts here at Plainview-Old Bethpage.  An exciting time was had by all, as students from the NAHS guided teachers, administrators, and staff members through a step-by-step painting of the sun and trees.  
A special thanks to Ms. Elder and her National Art Honor Society students for coordinating this event!

March 22, 2016
Third grade students from Parkway Elementary School traveled to the Heckscher Museum of Art, in the village of Huntington, as part of the annual Museum Discovery program here at Plainview-Old Bethpage Schools.  
The Heckscher Museum galleries are a perfect introduction to the museum experience for young students.  Museum educators guide students as they make observations, question what they see, use their imaginations, and find evidence to support their opinions.  Each and every student also has the ability to create a hands-on project inspired by artwork on view during their visit.  A fun-filled learning experience was had by all!

March 2016

Mrs. G's 5th grade artists are creating collages to demonstrate their favorite physical activity. By using basic shapes, students were able to confidently build their figure in motion! Students are also learning about perspective and creating a background, middle ground and foreground. These pieces will be displayed around the school for all to see and encourage getting active this spring.


March 2016

Mrs. Goscinski's Studio Art class, at H.B. Mattlin MS, explored the power of music & lyrics to produce their first "Visual Interpretation". Students were asked to match a song with a mood & tone. They were then asked to find the medium and materials that would help express the tone & mood. Livia F. chose Jet Black Heart by the musical group 5 Seconds of Summer. Her piece truly demonstrates the powerful & nostalgic tone of the song. As you view the piece you will see your own reflection fragmented in the mirrored hurricane. 


 January 12, 2016
Second grade students at Stratford Road Elementary school were visited by Ms. Joy Weiner, the Director of Education and Public Programs at the Heckscher Museum, as part of the organizations student outreach program.  Each and every second grade student throughout the Plainview-Old Bethpage school district will be visited by the Heckscher Museum this year, followed by a trip to the museum as third graders.
As part of the program, students learned about many different types of art forms and styles of art, as well as had the opportunity to create a personalized museum of their own.  Fun was had by all!  A special thanks to Mrs. Mittleman for hosting the event!


January 7, 2016

Mrs. Goscinki's Studio students, at H.B. Mattlin Middle School,  spent the last few classes exploring Chuck Close and the grid technique. They have created some very impressive self portraits as a result!


November 1, 2015
Recently at H.B. Mattlin Middle School, students and teachers have been utilizing both the large atrium area outside of the art rooms, as well as the Art Gallery for new and exciting projects. Ms. Psillos' Studio in Art classes have begun to study Gesture Drawing; which is a form of drawing that is very quick, that uses the artists whole arm in a loose and fast technique.  The students have taken turns between being the class model and artists.  In Ms. Goscinski's class, 5th grade students have created illustrations to express the wide variety of emotions felt on the first day of middle school. Students have also worked in groups to define, create and identify terms related to color theory during Halloween Week. 
Feel free to stop by our wonderful Art Gallery at H.B. Mattlin Middle School, you will not be disappointed...


October 13, 2015

On October 8th, the 8th grade students of H.B. Mattlin took their annual field trip to the Nassau County Museum of Art. Students learned about modern art by studying works by Joan Miro, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso (just to name a few). This field trip has become a tradition for the POB school district and we are thrilled to have such a strong relationship with the Museum. These pictures demonstrate some of the activities the students participated in while at the museum. 

 September 9, 2015
The 2014-2015 Drawing and Painting III classes have created a collaborative art project welcoming students back to John F. Kennedy High School.  The welcoming artwork was inspired by Jose Parla, a Brooklyn based Cuban-American artist, and intends to invite everyone who enters JFK this Fall to value diversity and to respect human worth.  
Thank you to all those who have contributed to this wonderful project!
 Artwork1  Artwork2 Artwork3